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About Us
Born out of love and the discovery
of enjoying real dairy again.
Our Story
Turning our Passion into a Creation
Welcome to Boss Cow Bakery, the passionate creation of a husband-and-wife team who believe in the life-changing benefits of A2/A2 dairy. Our journey began with a personal struggle that transformed into a mission. Sam, a pediatric nurse practitioner and one half of our founding duo, could not tolerate any dairy. For eight long years, Sam endured the inferior taste of dairy-free alternatives to escape severe stomach discomfort.
The turning point came when Sam, driven by a combination of frustration and hope, came across the digestive benefits of A2/A2 dairy. A glass of A2/A2 milk later proved to be a breakthrough, causing no stomach discomfort, followed by similar experiences with cheese, ice cream, and butter. Sam could not believe it - real dairy would be part of her life again.
But when Sam set out to find A2/A2 cookies, she realized none existed on the market. This absence sparked our idea to create Boss Cow Bakery, blending Sam's baking passion with the benefits of A2/A2 dairy. Our bakery specializes in cookies made exclusively with A2/A2 dairy, offering a delicious solution for those with similar dairy sensitivity.
Join us in celebrating this life-changing discovery and indulge in cookies that are not only delicious but also
kind to your gut.
Our Mission
For Everyone to Feel the A2 Revolution
Our mission at Boss Cow Bakery is to revolutionize the world of baked goods by championing the use of A2/A2 dairy and clean, wholesome ingredients. We are dedicated to providing delicious, high-quality cookies that feel as great as they taste.
Boss Cow Bakery will never compromise on quality:
  • 100% A2 Dairy
  • Seed Oil-Free
  • Soy-Free
As we grow, we aim to be a leading voice in advocating for food policy reform at the national level.
We are committed to shaping a healthier, tastier, and more sustainable future for all .
This isn’t the end...
...it’s just the beginning!
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